Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Day My Maintenance Cost Gone Sky High!

My newly bought (about 4 months ago) N80 2 days ago made his debut to become a very ordinary handphone. LCD went crazy blink blink gone, blink blink gone! Speaker cannot hear maa!! .. I went to Carrefour subang jaya to repair and it cost me RM320. The china man replaced the LCD and the speaker.. and today not working again maa! ... Stupud bullustus grogedhecheikx!

Yesterday my car aircond broke down. So i went for a new a/c compressor (recond ofcourse), new condenser and brand new modified fan motor (courtesy from the chinaman). Guess how much ..? RM720 maa!!! ... arrgghhh!.. Now i end up with my old motorola which i found inside my treasure box at home. Good as old. Thank God u can't imagine how useful it can be at this moment only that people wont be able to hear what i say coz the speaker and mic is dead! anyway i can do with sms only. good enough while waiting for my N80 to heal. If it were to heal and if the china man's magic can cure the injuries.

That's it .. just a few days of maintenance cost gone sky high for me. Nothing is for free nowadays. You need to earn and pay to live.


20/20 ... majority of my hamsters three one three zero score full marks on their compulsory obligations. DEM!.. i thot i set a difficult one this year. but anyway feel happy for some of them who actually did well in their final. cheers!

The Day I Made History

This friend of mine taught me on b.logging. Dem him. Heh Let see how it goes........ i might enjoy this someday... . The guy is the father of the boy in the picture. Dem him for forcing me in this position.!