Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There must be something seriously wrong with us, mankind!!

If there is ... then wake up!
Before its too late ....
Before the Almighty takes everything back ....
Before everything is gone forever ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Liverpool FC - Start believing ....! "You'll Never Walk Alone" yeah!

Liverpool fans out there! Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate! Whoaaaaa!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Imaan's First Olympic Attempt

Me being a proud father on the day Imaan won a medal in her first olympic attempt.

My heart was pumping like hell watching my daughter received the baton from her friend to start her running down to the finish line. She began with a slow pace but steady run, made a 2 point 1 turn at a check point then a huge sprint to the finish line. Glorious moment for me as a father and mama imaan as personal trainer and coach. Well done imaan. You make mama and papa proud.

Haha! That was a bit exaggerating. It was School Sports Day. Imaan did win a medal. It was bronze. It was mistakenly handed to her on the prize giving ceremony. Hahaha! Imaan and her RED team actually lost, they came fourth out of four teams. Oh dear me! To see her running i knew that i was watching a girl with no athletic build-up running on that track more like dancing to me. On that day Imaan ran graciously on that rubber track holding a sponge that was supposed to be used for soaking the water from a bucket. Instead imaan soaked no water and fill the glass bottle with 'air'. Haha!!

Mama was shouting like a mad woman instructing her daughter to use various techniques to fill that stupid bottle with water from the sponge. Imaan did not take any notice at all. She just finished the race and nothing went inside that glass bottle. She ran back to the starting line dancing like a princess instead. She was busy fixing her hair rather than focusing on finishing the race. God help us! Hahahah!!

From that moment on we knew she does not possess any athletic skills. Haha. But she is our princess that is for sure!!

Well done my lovely princess! Do better next year!

From Papa Imaan. Cheers.