Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In remembrance of the Late Dr. Ahmad Shukri Yusof : 24th December 2008 the day that he left us forever.

Al-fatihah to the late Dr. Shukri who has passed away today. May Allah's blessing be with him always. It was a sad day today for us all. I will never forget that final moment with him for the rest of my life. Everything went so fast, as i could only remember sitting next to him in the ambulance together with bro jasa, hanafiah and lokman praying that everything would be fine. We stayed with him until the medical team took over at the emergency unit. We kept praying as we could only watched the medical team trying really hard to save him. Sadly, it was too late. After several desperate attempts the doctor finally declared his death at 5.30pm. He suffered a severe blood loss. Everything stopped. Only then i realised that Dr. Shukri has left us forever. So long brother.

Monday, December 22, 2008

PHD, to be or not to be...

My pursuit for PHD has now began. Its taking me another step to get that piece of scroll everyone in academia is chasing for. The journey is a bit scary having to listen to previous stories from colleagues of mine in pursuit of the same dream. Intention must be sincere in seeking knowledge that truely comes from the Almighty. We are only His servants doing what we think best for us. We never know what lies ahead. With all the weaknesses and inabilities of a normal human being I am seeking strength from Him day by day in this great struggle. O Allah assist me in this journey... I am not taking this journey alone though. So all the best to us all.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Well... i lied a bit on the earlier post. Tak jadilah cakap pasal my birth history. Later maybe and maybe never pun buleh jugak. Anyway, lately (i mean in the past 2 years), i have gone serious in photography. My first SLR was the semi-auto Minolta Dynax 300si (film) bought in Liverpool, England. Sadly it was stolen when i came back to Malaysia. Now i actually owned a brand new Canon 400D bought at the mines a year ago. Bagus kamera ni untuk beginner. Spent roughly around RM4,700 (Body, 2 Lenses, Filter, Tripod and a Bag). Since then i never stopped shooting. Aku gemar mengshoot portraiture org dan manusia. Sama lah tu. Cuma org aku kenal, manusia aku baru kenal atau tak kenal langsung.!! Anyway thanks to my first ever Sifu in digital photogaphy that is the one and only Mr. Archiprez @ Bro Suhaimi. Brilliant tips and lessons from him. Thanks mie.

Anyway, i will be using this blog to post some of my best shots (in my personal book of record i guess). This is part of my learning process to become a very good photographer! Comments are welcomed too! This photo is one of favourite SLR shot using my long gone Minolta! The guys in the photo were actually me and a friend of mine. It was taken using tripod with my first manual setting.!!

I called this 'Sunset in Edinburgh'

Salamz ! My Blog Reactivated!

Waduz .. udah lama tak memblogging. Nampak ramai kenkawan sedang create blog sendiri gundah gulana rasanye, ada juga baiknya aku activate semula blog ni. I was not so sure on the new outlook of my header up there. Anyway this is my first attempt to design it anyway. Ada kenkawan kata macam blog politik ngeh ngeh ngeh... akan aku ubah lah lepas ni. Tak Syesyuai!! Wokeh .. keep up with the latest development. I'll be posting some new stuff here with some photos... . Of coz i will start with the greatest history ever made. That is my birth!! hahaha.. cheers. keep tuning. cheers!!