Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Victorious 1st of December for us ALL!!

1st December 2007, of what i could refer to as a very glorious day to the entire QS population in IIUM. Finally we have proven that we are definitely up there equal with everybody else on the main stream. Where all the odds were against us and considering that we are as just new kids on the block! .. Representing the entire family, amir, fashran, amalina and azwa with all the struggle, commitment and hardwork they managed to pull it through running proud ahead of other twelve rivals. In the final round they were actually head to head with the seeded UM team. At last just after midday afternoon, the finish line was theirs to claim. This victory is for them to keep forever!. As i watched them from a distance celebrating on their glorious moment, there couldn't be anything else better than to see amirul, wan zul, syud and atasah came through in second place moments later. The seeded UM team was no where to be seen as they were lost somewhere chasing for what could have been a premature victory in the beginning of the race for them having to lead almost 90% of the entire race. Eventually they came third after amirul's group and clear dissapointment was evident on their tired faces!. For me personally this is the real history in the making, a revolution and a big 'HELLO YUHUU' we do exist kind of warning. Proud and happy may not be sufficient in expressing the true feelings that I have now. .. well done guys u make us proud!

9th Malaysia Plan Workshop

On 28th - 30th November 2007, the minds of five magnificient gentlemen were put to test. A total of approximately RM 2 million to spend for procuring and purchasing some future assets relevant in producing highly calibre graduates. ... anyway it was a very unforgettable moment we had on yahoo messenger. hahah!