Thursday, June 25, 2009

Numbers are rising, ... keep counting.

"GENEVA, Switzerland, June 23 (UPI) -- The World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, says there have been 231 confirmed deaths worldwide attributed to the H1N1 virus."
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Wow! people are dying because of some virus attack on entire human population. The world keep counting on the numbers. Measures have been taken worldwide in every countries. This is serious. Fear is all over. Good luck to us mankind.

Well, where is the count for those who have died in a war? I guess hundred of thousands have died during the attack on Palestine for years, attack on Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and many parts of the world since then. It was total elimination of human life made by human themselves. Yet nobody cares until it was too late too count. At the end no count, no nothing. Rough figures? May be. But the thing is nobody care. If 231 death is frightening enough and the world is doing what ever they can to prevent more deaths then what about hundreds of thousands if not millions? Its insane...

Anyway, just a thought. Keep counting.

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